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Satisfactory Dedicated Server with more players

Satisfactory has introduced support for dedicated server hosting with update! In another guide, I taught you how to set up a Satisfactory server. In this guide, I will show you how to play Satisfactory with more players!

Looking to host your server using Docker? Check this Guide!

Step 1: Prerequisites

  • You have an already running Satisfactory Server.
    (Don’t have your server up and running? Check out this Guide!)
  • More than four friends want to play Satisfactory with you.
  • Access to the Server Files

Step 2: Changing the Server files

Hopefully, you’ve followed my last guide that showed you how to install the server. If so, go to the folder you’ve installed the server in; in my case, this is:

The Folder in which the Satisfactory server will be installed:C:\Users\thijs\Desktop\Satisfactory
  • In the server folder you have the following files:
Satisfactory folder structure including newly generated files
  • Inside the Satisfactory folder, go to the following folder (if you can’t find the files, check the official wiki for the most current paths):
Platform Path
Windows FactoryGame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\
Linux FactoryGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/

Inside the folder, create (if it does not already exist) a game.ini file by doing the following:

  • In the Satisfactory folder you’ve just created, open up a notepad.
  • Copy and Paste the following in that file:
  • Click on Save As
  • Give it the same name and type as the image below:
  • Save the file


Done! Now up to 16 people can join the Server!

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By Thijs van Loef
Posted on: 20/11/2021

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