Tice Tips

About Tice Tips

About the Platform

Tice Tips is a platform I (Thijs) use to share Tech guides. I decided that my growing collection of .txt files containing how to’s was no longer the best way to store them. So I decided to setup a platform to share my how to’s with the world. 


The mission of Tice Tips

My mission is to create a easily findable and accessible platform in which you can find guides that help you with all kinds of IT related issues. More often than not I run into issues that seemingly no on on the internet has run into. This is untrue of course, but some sites/documentation is way to hard to find. Tice Tips has been setup to solve this problem. 

Want to help with this mission?

On the Support Me page you can find multiple ways to help me with my mission

About Me

Hi! My name is Thijs (Pronounced Tice). Ever since I had my first experience with computers I’ve been hooked. I have a Bachelors Degree in IT, and IT is the field I currently work in. In my spare time I can usually be found in my office tinkering on my homelab.