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Author: Thijs van Loef

What are Virtual Machines?


What are Virtual Machines? Virtual Machines are used almost everywhere in the Tech world. But what are Virtual Machines? This guide will explain the basic principles of Virtual Machines and how you can use them to your advantage! What are Virtual Machines? A Virtual Machine is not much different from an actual computer. It has […]

How to set a Static IP Address on Windows

Decorative picture of inputting IP Addresses

How to set a static IP Address on Windows There are many reasons you would maybe want to set a static IP address on your windows machine. But in some cases, you don’t want a static IP.  This guide will go into the pros and cons of setting a static IP address and show you […]

Minecraft server set up guide

Decorative picture of minecraft server

Minecraft Server set up guide Here is a guide on how to set up a Minecraft Server on your PC! This guide will show you all the steps (with screenshots!) to help you on your way to playing with your friends. Note Hosting your server will require you to make changes to your router. Making […]

What is Docker?


What is Docker? Docker, if you ever worked with hypervisors, the chance is that you’ve heard this term before. But what is it exactly? Before diving into the question “What is Docker?” it is essential to know the history and containers. What are Containers? In the early days of the internet, you would need to […]