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How to set a static IP Address on Windows

There are many reasons you would maybe want to set a static IP address on your windows machine. But in some cases, you don’t want a static IP. 

This guide will go into the pros and cons of setting a static IP address and show you how to do it.

Setting a static IP address

Step 1: Finding your current IP Address

For you to start setting a static IP address on your Windows machine, you’ll first need to know in what range you can claim an address.

We can find the current IP address by using the Command Prompt:

  • Press + R
  • Type: “cmd
  • Type “ipconfig” inside the black console that opened and press enter.

Once you press enter, an output like this should appear:

A Picture of a Commandprompt which just executed the ipconfig command

Your current IP address is shown as IPv4 Address. In my case, this is We can also see that the Subnet Mask is This subnet means that the only part of the address we can change is the last octet,

Also, make a mental note of the Default Gateway Address. You’ll need it later. (In my case,

Step 2: Changing your adapter options

Now to change your IP address, you’ll need to right-click your internet symbol and click “Open Network and Internet Settings,” as shown below:

A Picture showing the right click options of the network icon

Locate and click on the “Change Adapter Options” button:

A Picture of the Change Adapter Options Button in the Windows Settings

You will be greeted with a list of adapters that you can change the properties of. Usually, there are 3, a Bluetooth adapter, Lan adapter, and a wifi adapter. However, we only want to change the properties of the adapter that we are currently using. In our case, it is the Wifi adapter that we want to change.

Right-click the adapter and select properties:

A Picture displaying rightclick options of an Internet adapter

Now you will have access to the settings of the internet adapter. Find the “Internet Protocol Version 4” option and select properties:

A Picture displaying the properties of the internet adapter

Now you’ll be greeted with the option to fill in the following settings:

  • IP Address: The IP address you’ll want to give your computer.
  • Subnet Mask: Subnet mask of the network, for most home networks will work.
  • Default Gateway: Remember that mental note? You’ll need to fill in your default gateway from the earlier step.

And then there are two other options we will currently leave on “Obtain DNS server address automatically,” we do not need to change that.

  • Preferred DNS server
  • Alternative DNS Server

Click on OK and then Close, and you are done. Congratulations, you’ve just changed your IP address!

The Pro's of setting a static IP Address

IP Addresses are how computers communicate with each other inside a network. A Static IP address is an address inside a specific network that does not change. Usually, you would only want to have static IP addresses when you want to host a server (for example, a Minecraft Server) or other essential services. 

Having a static IP address ensures that your Computer or Server will always get the exact address so you can reach it without a hassle.

Especially for servers, this is a must as you do not want to have users that lose connection to your server because it changed address.

The Con's of setting a static IP Address

You’ll need to know the basics of networking to get the Static IP Addresses working. If not, you can accidentally assign the same IP address to 2 different computers and cause one of those computers to lose its connection.

It is almost always better for a regular user to have a dynamically assigned IP address, as this will prevent troubleshooting and other headaches.

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By Thijs van Loef
Posted on: 25/08/2021

2 Comments on How to set a Static IP Address on Windows


    I followed each and every step but then I lose internet when I set the IP address and gateway part. Also "Obtain DNS automatically" is greyed out for me

      Thijs van Loef

      Hi Sunny! If the Obtain DNS automatically is greyed out after entering a static IP address, the best thing you can enter as DNS servers are the following:

      Preffered DNS Server:
      Alternate DNS Server:


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